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Issued by Weather Consultancy Services on:
Saturday 16 November 2019 22:30 hrs
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UK & Ireland Weather Summary for Saturday
A slack pressure gradient over the UK and Ireland on Sunday with higher pressure to the west, lower pressure to the southeast. At midday an occluded front extends from northeast of Scotland across northern England into the Irish then crosses the Celtic Sea to terminate just north of Spain. A further occluded front extends from the Wash across the North Sea to Denmark's Jutland Peninsula. A cold front lies just north of this. To the northwest of Scotland lies a further occluded front and a trough.

Forecast for astronomy in Trysull for the next 5-days
Data based on GFS model updated: Sat 16 November 2019 22:30
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Time SFC Wind Rain * Total cloud Low cloud Med cloud High cloud Temp Sfc RH Pressure Seeing Clarity
6pm SaturdayW 1g6mph0.3mm100%100%0%0%7C92%1007mb00
9pm SaturdaySW 1g7mph0.2mm100%95%0%0%6C93%1007mb10
00:01am SundayS 1g5mph0.3mm100%91%0%0%6C92%1008mb20
3am SundaySW 1g3mph0mm100%88%0%0%5C91%1008mb20
6am SundayE 1g2mph0mm100%81%29%29%5C92%1009mbN/A0
9am SundayN/A 1g1mph0mm94%86%74%74%6C89%1011mb41
Midday SundayN/A 3g5mph0.2mm89%84%39%39%8C80%1012mbN/A1
6pm SundayNW 4g13mph1.2mm97%81%91%91%6C92%1014mb40
00:01am MondayNE 4g25mph0.6mm96%96%44%44%6C85%1017mb10
6am MondayNW 4g20mph0mm51%51%0%0%4C91%1017mb13
Midday MondayN 5g19mph0mm35%18%8%8%7C70%1017mb34
00:01am TuesdayNW 4g16mph0mm93%84%0%0%2C84%1014mb31
Midday TuesdayNW 5g14mph0.4mm98%67%0%0%3C95%1009mb40
00:01am WednesdayNW 0g3mph0mm50%49%0%0%1C91%1007mb 43
Midday WednesdayE 3g16mph0.8mm92%65%53%53%3C82%1004mb11
00:01am ThursdayE 3g12mph0mm99%95%0%0%5C96%1003mb30
Midday ThursdayE 6g13mph4.4mm100%100%100%100%6C98%1000mb40
00:01am FridayE 5g15mph0.3mm100%93%57%57%7C92%998mb40
[* rainfall is previous 6-hours. Gusts are over open ground.]

Planning outlook:
Tuesday low pressure and a cold front will move south across England and Wales with high pressure north west of Scotland. A colder day as rain and snow spreads south. Mainly dry in the channel with sunny spells. Visibilities will be good in the channel but moderate to poor elsewhere in rain and snow.
Wednesday a cell of high pressure is centered west of Ireland and will be ridging east. A cold, windy day with sunny spells and scattered showers of rain and snow. Visibilities will be good but moderate in rain showers, poor in snow showers.
Thursday sees high pressure centred south of Ireland and this will give much of the country a dry, settled, day with sunny spells. Visibilities will be good.
Friday a cold front spreads rain down across Scotland, the Irish Sea and northern England. Fair and dry in the south and in the channel with varying cloud and sunny spells. Visibilities will be good in the south and in the channel, but falling to moderate or locally poor as the rain sets in across the north.
Saturday high pressure to the west of Britain is ridging into Scotland with a front into the far north west. Most areas will be fair and dry with sunny spells today after some patchy mist clears. Visibilities will be good but moderate at first.
Sunday a front moves south east across Britain. Outbreaks of rain will clear western areas in the afternoon. Visibilities will be moderate improving to good as the front clears.

Synoptic charts based on data from 0001 GMT, Friday 15 November 2019 (Updated daily by 9am)
Tomorrow (Day 2)

Day after tomorrow (Day 3)

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