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High pressure dominates Europe
Rain & Snow for Greece & Turkey on Monday-Tuesday

By Garry Nicholson in Darley Dale, Derbys 22:50hrs  26/02/2012
Temperature: 7.7 C    Weather: Cloudy

A regular theme of recent weeks, with mostly dry and settled weather affecting the continent, whilst the worst of the weather is in the Mediterranean. Early this week, it is Greece and Turkey which will see heavy rain and some snow, as low pressure in this region interacts with air that is still below freezing, especially over higher terrain. Colder conditions still persist throughout eastern Europe, with a northerly flow of air across these areas associated with an upper level trough.

The worst of the wet and windy weather will affect the Greek mainland and islands, plus Cyprus and Turkey during Monday, clearing Greece but still impacting Turkey during Tuesday, possibly bringing substantial snowfall in some parts. A legacy of heavy rain and snow showers will continue to plague this region during Wednesday, with the system fading eastwards later in the week.

Elsewhere, the heart of the continent is under the influence of an upper level ridge, with an area of surface high pressure centred over France. A weak warm front across northern France, the Benelux region and northern Germany brings cloud and some light drizzly rain during Monday and Tuesday, which may be more persistent later on Tuesday as it moves east towards Poland. Otherwise conditions are mostly dry, with more cloud likely in northern Europe, better brightness further south.

Temperatures ranging from 16-18 C across Spain, with this mild air being drawn towards the UK by midweek, whilst lower maximum values closer to 10 C are expected for France and Germany.

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