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>> Simon's Weather Musings <<

The path to temp righteousness is rocky
But I think the weather will get there

By Simon Keeling in Wombourne, Staffs 10:00hrs  8/2/2012
Temperature: -2.3C    Weather: Cloudy

Temperatures do look set to rise over the coming 7-14 days, probably getting back to near or just below normal levels; but it will be a ricky road as we head there, and there is more wintry and cold weather on the way.

This mornings output from the various atmospheric computer models are following similar lines; high pressure building west of the UK, the flow tending to the northwest or west and losing the bitterly cold air in the southeast.

However, there are some hiccups in there, notably this Friday's risk of heavy snow in eastern England, and the potential for further snow next Tuesday, again probably focused on the east, but affecting the north too.

And globally temperatures are on the rise, here's the global temperature chart and forecast from Ryan Maues excellent website.

Of course our corner of the Earth only plays a small part, but it is interesting to see how these temperature rises occur as the NAO (a measure of the westerly winds in the Atlantic) heads back postive, hinting that the westerly flow is in evidence.

And this occurs as the Arctic Oscillation goes back to postive territory too, meaning that there is less of a tendency for cold air to drain off the pole.

So, overall we have a warming theme to conditions, although I don;t hold out much hope that it will be what you might call warm, I think near or just below normal temperatures will be the order of the day.

The temperature trace for London for the next 14-days shows it well below.

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