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Latest UK weather situation
Low pressure will persist over the coming weekend with centre generally SW Scotland-Irish Sea-Wales-E.Anglia to Tayside with winds cyclonic around coasts so generally North 1/2 occ gust 3 and variable at times, to 1/2 maybe calm and variable through Channel backing SE 1/2 through Straits, 2/3 towards Wash SE Humber to Tweed. A small centre is located over Northen Isles to northern Tip od Highland with winds cyclonic 3/4 gusting 5, this moves northwestards by Sunday. Pressure rises slowly for a time through Sunday. Overall most coastal waters cloudy with showers east Channel through Straits to Thames, Wash to Humber, cloud low base especially with showers with local sea and coastal fog, showers later for Humber to Tweed, showers/longer periods of rain fro Northern Isles to NE tip of Highland will move northwestwards during the afternoon. Clusters of showers through Western Isles- Irish Sea to Cardigan Bay and later Severn to Scilly. Visibility poor with and near showers , better through mid English Channel. Waves and swell generall light and small. Icing of moist surfaces likely evening to mid-morning

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Sun 03 March 2024 05:52
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The Solent
The Solent (west)
The Solent (east)
Southampton Water
North Foreland to Eastbourne
Eastbourne to Selsey Bill
Selsey Bill to St Albans Head
The Channel Islands
Mid Channel 50N 0W
Mid Channel 50N 1.5W
Mid Channel 50N 2.5W
St Albans Head to Portland Bill
Portland Bill to Start Point
Start Point to The Lizard
Ocean Village Marina
Queen Anne's Battery
Brixham Marina
Dartside Marina
Torquay Marina
Cobbs Quay Marina
Hythe Marina Village
Hamble Point Marina
Port Hamble Marina
Shamrock Quay Marina
Saxon Wharf
Mercury Yacht Harbour
Sparkes Marina
Northney marina
Chatham Marina
Woolverstone Marina
Penton Hook Marina
Windsor Marina
Bray Marina
The Lizard to Hartland Point
Isle of Scilly
Bristol Channel (N Devon & Somerset)
St Davids Head to Holyhead
Holyhead to Morecambe Bay
Morecambe Bay to Maryport
Maryport to Mull of Kintyre
Mull of Kintyre to Tiree
Firth of Clyde
North Uist
Butt of Lewis
Tiree to Cape Wrath
Cape Wrath
Cape Wrath to Wick
West Orkney
East Orkney
South Shetland
North Orkney
Wick to Fraserburgh
Fraserburgh to Arbroath
Arbroath to Dunbar
Dunbar to Whitby
Whitby to Hunstanton
Hunstanton to Clacton-on-Sea
Clacton-on-Sea to North Foreland
Bristol Channel (South Wales)
NW Pazenn
San Lucido to Briatico
Irish Sea (South) 52.5N 5W
Irish Sea (Central) 53.5 5W
Irish Sea (North) 54.5N 5W
Mid Channel 49.5N -4W
Dundalk to Wicklow
Wicklow to Waterford
Waterford to Bantry Bay
Bantry Bay to Galway
Galway to Sligo
Sligo to Tory Island
Tory Island to Ballycastle
Ballycastle to Dundalk
Fastnet (E)
Fastnet (W)
Mid Channel (49.5N 3.5W)
Mid Channel (49.5N 4.5W)
Mid Channel (49.0N 5.0W)
Isle of Wight (SW)
Isle of Wight (SE)