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>CFS Long-range
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>UK Met Office
Analysis T+24 T+36 T+48
T+60 T+72 T+84 T+96 T+120
Hi-res rain  Cloud & rain  Temp

>HIRLAM (Hi-res)
Mslp Cloud Temp Wind
3hr Rain RainTotal
E&W Temp E&W Rain
Scot Temp Scot Rain
Wales Temp Wales Rain
Wales Cloud Wales Wind
24hr Temp Change

>>GFS 0.25 Hi res (beta)
Atl Mslp   Atl 500     Jet Stream
UK Rain   UK Max   UK Min  
UK Snow   UK Cloud   Atl Cloud  

>>GFS Operational
UK Fronts UK Mslp
Atl Mslp Atl 500 Jet Stream
Atl Cloud UK Low Cld  UK Tot Cld
UK Rain UK Total rain
UK Temp  UK Min UK Max
UK Snow  UK Snow change 
Cld base  Vis Gusts UK Wind 
EU temps EU snow
EU rain EU total rain
UK Cities

>>GFS Ensemble
Mslp [Panel]
Rain Eu 850mb
UK 850mb UK 500mb
UK Soil UK Snow UK Cities
EU Jet
UK 0-15d Rain 5d chunks
NH Strato temp 10  50  100
NH Strato height 10  50  100
[Panels] 10 50  100

>ECMWF Operational
Mslp  [Panel]
850mb City temps

>ECMWF Ensemble
Mslp [Panel]
850mb City temps

>Canadian GEM
Mslp  [Panel]
UK Total rain [Panel]
EU 850mb City temps

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