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France (English Channel)

France (Atlantic)

Spain & Portugal (Atlantic)

Latest European weather situation
Monday a cell of high pressure is centred in Biscay with a weak warm front from England into north west France. An occluded front with snow lies from the Baltic States into central parts of Poland and France. Low pressure is over southern Italy with a showery rough from the low into Sicily. A cold front with rain and showers extends cross the Black Sea into Turkey and the astern Mediterranean. Very windy from southern France south to the Balearics and eastward to the Adriatic Sea.

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Wind - Thu 20 June 2024 16:27 UTC
Waves - Thu 12 November 2020 05:45 UTC
Text - Fri 21 June 2024 03:00 UTC
Shipping - Thu 20 June 2024 23:01 UTC
Inshore - Thu 20 June 2024 17:15 UTC
Metarea2 - Sun 28 April 2024 14:05 UTC
Highest Wind - Next 24-hours
Strong winds next 24-hours?
White=No warning, Yellow=F6+, Red=F7+
Calais to Le Havre
Le Havre to Barfleur
Cherbourg Peninsula
Granville to Sillon de Talbert
Sillon de Talbert to Brignogan Plage
Brest Peninsula
Lorient to St Nazaire
St Nazaire to La Rochelle
La Rochelle to Biarittz
Biarittz to Santander
Bay of Biscay (North 47N 6W)
Bay of Biscay (Mid 45.5N 6W)
Bay of Biscay (SW 44.5N 8W)
Bay of Biscay (South 44.5N 6W)
Bay of Biscay (SE 44.5N 4W)
Portbou to Sete
Sete to Marseille
Marseille to Toulon
Toulon to Cannes
Cannes to Albenga
Albenga to Genoa
Santander to La Coruna
La Coruna to Vigo
Vigo to Marinha Grande
Marinha Grande to Sagres
Sagres to the Straits of Gibraltar
Straits of Gibraltar