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Italy & Central Mediterranean

Adriatic - Italy

Adriatic - Croatia & Montenegro

Adriatic - Albania

Latest European weather situation
Monday a cell of high pressure will be centred near Hungary. Low pressure is centred near Belgium with showery troughs across France and Germany. Another area of low pressure will be over the Alps. A cold front extends from the low across southern France into northern Spain giving rain and showers to France. Low pressure with showers is expected ear the Balearics. High pressure to be centred near southern Italy and south of Greece. A deep area of low pressure with gales is expected over the Baltic States with a cold front into Russia to the Black Sea.

Synoptic charts
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Forecasts files last updated
Wind - Thu 21 September 2017 11:03 UTC
Waves - Thu 21 September 2017 05:45 UTC
Text - Thu 21 September 2017 03:00 UTC
Shipping - Thu 21 September 2017 13:05 UTC
Inshore - Thu 21 September 2017 11:30 UTC
Highest Wind - Next 24-hours
Based on GFS model updated:
Thu 21 September 2017 11:05
Strong winds next 24-hours?
White=No warning, Yellow=F6+, Red=F7+
Marina dei Cesari
Genoa to Viareggio
Viareggio to San Vincenzo
San Vincenzo to Orbetello
Isle of Elba (N)
Isle of Elba (S)
Orbetello to Fiumicino
Fiumicino to Monti Di Procida
Monti di Procida to San Lucido
Briatico to Cefalu (N Sicily)
Cefalu to Trapani (N Sicily)
Trapani to Gela (S Sicily)
Corsica (North)
Corsica (East)
Corsica (South)
Corsica (West)
Sardinia (NW)
Sardinia (NE)
Sardinia (SE)
Sardinia (SW)
San Lucido to Tropea
Tropea to Bagnara Calabra
Bagnara Calabra to Lazzaro
Lazzaro to Brancaleone
Brancaleone to Rocella Ionica
Rocella Ionica to Capo Rizzuto
Capo Rizzuto to Marina di Sibari
Marina di Sibari to Leporano Marina
Leporano Marina to Gagliano del Capo
Gagliano del Capo to Otranto
Otranto to Brindisi
Brindisi to Vieste
Vieste to Pescara
Novigrad to Pula
Pescara to Ancona
Ancona to Goro
Goro to Chioggia
Chioggia to Lido di Jesolo (Venice)
Lido di Jesolo to Trieste
Trieste to Novigrad
Novigrad to Pula
Pula to Zadar
Zadar to Rogoznica
Rogoznica to Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik to Ulcinj
Ulcinj to Divjake
Divjake to Dhermi